OctoPool [OCTOP]

Pool ID: 974ef5beeb8603a66aeb90d5ed1312f31e7bd1b0d732df0083af5821

Refunds and giveaways

Although there is no limit in number of pools in Cardano, currently to start one smoothly it should have 1 million of Cardano staked in it. This is to offset 340 ADA minimal fee and give chance for leadership in producing blocks every epoch on average.

To incentivise usage of Octopool we’ve made kind of promotion for everyone that will stake at least 3000 ADA:
  1. The first 10 stakeholders will receive full refund of staking fee by the end of this year.
    Payed after each epoch with produced block, at the beginning of the next epoch.
  2. Subsequent stakeholders will also receive full refund of staking fee as long as there is under 500`000 ADA staked in the pool.
    Payed after each epoch with produced block, at the beginning of the next epoch.
  3. For staking in Octopool we will send 1 ADA** as a sign that we are active and serious about the pool.
    This giveaway will stand until there is 50 active stakeholders in the pool. Transfer within 1-2 days.

All transactions are sent to the address corresponding to your stake address.

Octopool details

The pool runs on 3 hardened Unix type machines. Relays are linked with 1 gigabit connection. Ping latency below 0,4 ms 🙂

Here are some cool GRAPHS from relay 1 server

The team

We are family business.

We prefer to stay anonymous not only because of safety. We believe that privacy is deficit in recent times. Cardano is part of decentralization revolution that, hopefully, brings privacy rights back to the people.


Did we write that percentage fee is 0%? It will stay like that till the end of this year and will be at maximum 1% following years.

We plan to run validating pools for Avalanche and Solana as well.


Octopool doesn’t track or identify it’s users (visitors) in any way. No Google Analytics, any visit counters or ads.


Do you have a question about staking, Cardano, crypto, fees? Contacts us: reef /at/ octopool.tech